Want your customers coming back to buy? Learn from this Barbershop

If customer management is a bird, the two wings you need to fly are customer acquisition and customer retention. You need to expand your customer base and also keep your customers returning to buy your products / pay for your services.

Interestingly, it is this customer retention half of the equation that is often missing in a lot of businesses, strategies that help you keep the customers you’ve invested in acquiring.

There’s this barbershop in Brierly Hill — UK called Faders. This is the only barber shop I choose to go to for so many reasons, and I realised there were a number of strategies the business owner Mark, had put in place to keep customers like myself coming back for a haircut, every so often.

What Mark has done with Faders is simple, yet smart. The result is a continuous influx of customers into his high-street located barbershop. Let’s learn customer retention strategies from Mark.

5 customer retention strategies you can use right away

Can you see the effect of these 5 simple customer retention strategies Mark has applied in his business? But it must be mentioned that he is an absolute gentleman with a great customer-centric culture and passion for keeping his customers happy. This is very important in customer retention, delivering exceptional customer services.

Questions for you to think about

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