Transforming the customer’s first contact into a future of sales

The first contact with any customer is very important. It can suddenly skyrocket into a sale, evolve into a long-term relationship of repeat-sales, or unexpectedly result in a wasted opportunity if not handled carefully. So can you imagine how many sales opportunities could be lost at first contact?

Customer expectations have continued to increase and evolve over the years. It is no longer enough to sell a quality product or deliver a quality service alone. The experience matters much more now, and customers are ready to disengage from any business if the experience with a brand does not meet their expectations, and it all starts from that first contact with the customer.

One of the overlooked facts when a potential customer contacts you for the first time is their interest in finding out how you can help them. If they didn’t think you had something of value to offer, why would they reach out? This is simply a reminder that they are not just a lead, but an opportunity that can be converted into a sale if nurtured carefully.

A customer need, that is often neglected is quick responses. In a digital age where customers may need to reach you through multiple channels including social media, phone calls and emails has resulted in demands for speedy responses. What frustrates customers or shifts their attention to your competitors may simply be your lack of quick response, and without responding to customer enquiries and complaints on time, you may quickly become a brand that is long forgotten.

According to some research shared by SuperOffice, 88% of customers expect a response from a business within 60 minutes, while the remaining 30% expect a response within 15 minutes. Shockingly, the reality shows an average industry average response time of 12 hours and 10 minutes. Can you see how many businesses could be losing customers just on response time alone?

But MyCo didn’t just notice this problem. We took it a step further to address the issue, and solve the response-time challenge, by providing a simple Service Centre for small businesses to use.

Potential and Current Customers can easily submit inquiries and requests via the Service Center

The Service Center provides small businesses with a public page they can share with customers to easily submit inquiries, complaints and other requests. It can easily be customised to respond to customers immediately, with helpful information, aimed at keeping the customer engaged and interested, allowing you time to nurture them into paying customers.

MyCo’s Service Center must not be compared with a traditional service desk which simply allows you to track and respond to customers. The MyCo Service Center allows for setting up and automating a series of messages (emails & SMS) and intervals to support the full experience of the customer. The aim is customer loyalty not just customer response.

And this is why businesses using MyCo recognise the system as a complete business solution for acquiring customers and increasing sales.

The Service Center allows small businesses track and respond to customer requests quickly

There’s more to MyCo. It is an all-in-one business solution that focuses on helping small businesses to speed up their sales process. The Service Center tool is simply one of the tools in the feature-rich solution aimed at helping small businesses grow their business.

We would love you to keep an eye on MyCo, our flagship solution.

MyCo in an all-in-one business solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses

And this is why MyCo has recently been enlisted on AppSumo, the number 1 Software Deals website for entrepreneurs. This is a key business partnership that helps MyCo to get closer to those who need the business support — entrepreneurs and small businesses with potential to grow.

MyCo enlisted on AppSumo, #1 Software Deals website for Entrepreneurs

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