Reviews, Testimonials & Customer Success Stories. What’s best for your business?

Validation and endorsement can accelerate decision making in every customer. Hearing the experience of another customer can immediately cause an undecided customer to hit your ‘Purchase’ button. But how can you leverage validation and endorsements to convince undecided customers into buying from you? This is exactly what this article is about and we will share a few tips that work for many businesses we’ve worked with.

The difference between Reviews, Testimonials and Customer Success Stories

Every customer needs proof before they are convinced to buy. Proof comes in various ways, one of them being validation from other customers. This is why competing businesses leverage customer feedback as a marketing & sales strategy for acquiring more buying customers.


  1. Encourage customer reviews. You can include a reviews link on your website, email signature and anywhere your customer interacts with you to easily collect reviews.
  2. Respond to customer reviews. Thank customers who give positive reviews and contact customers who give negative reviews. This shows others you take responsibility and value customer feedback.
  3. Ask satisfied customers to give you testimonials, and consider rewarding them for their time. There is no point asking a neutral or dissatisfied customer to give you a testimonial. Focus on your most-satisfied customers to get the best testimonials.
  4. Ask key satisfied customers to give you customer success stories and also consider rewarding them for their time. Sometimes you may need to interview a customer to get the full story, so select your candidates carefully. We recommend you focus on customers you’ve built some good relationship with, after all, you need their time for an interview.
  5. And finally, share your reviews, testimonials and customer success stories strategically across your marketing channels. Also make it a habit to reference relevant testimonials & customer success stories to undecided customers especially during your sales process.

In Conclusion

You need all the customer feedback you can get, but start by collecting reviews right away. Seek testimonials from very satisfied customers and carefully select customers you’ve got a great relationship with for customer success stories.

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